Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Final Presentation

Here is everything we got together. We wanted to create a new business so we chose to do it on Pickleball since there are so many people who play the game here in St. George. So here is what we all did to contribute.

Here are the defined audience.

Gregg - Gregg is a foreign exchange student who is 19 years old that is here for 2 years finishing school at Dixie State University, he has made a couple friends that are in the Pickle ball club but has never played it before and is trying to find a way to take classes before he joins the club to make sure it is for him.  

Cori - Cori is 21 who plays competitively in the USAPA Pickle ball tournaments, she has been playing since she was 15 in high school and is ranked in the top 5 players under 30. She travels a lot but her home is St. George and she loves to teach people when she has down time.

Franklin - Franklin is a 23 year old who is newly married and likes playing sports with his married friends on the weekends. His father plays Pickle ball all the time and recently passed down his old equipment to him so they can try it out. He has been playing for a few months now and enjoys playing every now and then.

I designed the website. PICKLEDOME

Here is a quick screenshot

William did the video! Haleigh and my roommate star in it, and I helped film the drone shots. 

Scott designed the logo as well as the style guide. 

Echo created a car wrap design. 

Haleigh made T-shirts for the event

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


The film I chose was No Country For Old Men, This is a great movie that I think did extremely well in keeping you at the edge of your seat. The Director of Photography was none other than Roger Deakins, who is one of the most famous DP's out there. The DP's job is that he is in charge of the camera crew and making sure the lighting works and that the frame being shot is in a way that the director wants it to feel like. Roger Deakins has been doing DP since the 70's and has worked on almost all of the Coen brothers' movies. He does an amazing job on No Country For Old Men and it shows because it won best Cinematography at the BAFTA's and best motion picture at the Academy Awards.

The scene I am referring to is when Lleweyn (Josh Brolin) Suspects Anton (Javier Bardem) is at the hotel looking for him. It looks like he is only using natural light and keeping it dark to give a mysterious mood. Shadows are very big in this because Lleweyn doesn't want his shadow to be seen but at the same time sits across the bed waiting for someone to either walk past the door or stop in front of it.  Not much detail in the room but you can clearly see the window in the background giving the possibility of a place to escape. He sees a shadow in front of the door and the camera goes to a close up of the gun slowly clicking back to try and not make a noise. The shadow moves away and he thinks he is safe until a shadow completely covers the light and then the lock shoots out at Lleweyn and he shoots the door to escape out the window.

There is great use of rule of thirds in this whole scene as well as side lighting used a lot and giving off a mysterious silhouette which only adds to the creepiness. Roger Deakins wanted this to be as stressful as it can be, and choosing to use minimal lighting rather than adding color to the scene really helped add the the tension.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Director's Choice

One of my favorite directors is Guy Ritchie, a lot of people probably know him now for directing the man from U.N.C.L.E or the new Sherlock Holmes movies. But he made some really awesome movies before this with stories that usually had different groups of people who eventually came together to achieve some sort of goal. Lock, Stock, and Two smoking barrels was his first full length film, he also made snatch with Brad Pitt and RockNRolla with Gerard Butler and plenty of other people. He made a movie called Revolver which is right there with RockNRolla in my favorite Guy Ritchie movies, this is a psychological Thriller starring Jason Statham that really plays with your head as you keep watching it. I would recommend checking it out if you have a chance!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Composing my Frame

I took this picture of my friend doing a dangerous stunt and think it follows 3 rules fairly well. The rule of thirds has his body in the upper right corner and along the vertical line as well. diagonal rule is applied here with the road and yellow line which then leads to vectors because if you follow the yellow line it takes you right to him stand on his motorcycle. And if you are wondering what happened after. he actually does get down and ride off into the sunset majestically. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Axioms of Web Design

I was looking through the web looking for something that would catch my eye and make me want to find out more about. I stumbled upon a sub page of Swiss Airlines called World of Swiss that was something I haven't really seen before especially on an airline website.

First the design is beautiful. You can see right off that there is a left side and right side. the right side has quick shortcuts if you want to get to a certain point, or on the left you can scroll through and it will talk about everything you could want to know about their airline, from what it looks like inside the plane, to the people behind the scenes, or even the flight paths they take, at the end of the scroll is a live feed of flights that are currently underway which is really cool to see. 

The communication objective here is to be more transparent and let people see what they are actually all about, they don't have to explain anything except that they are an airline and can fly you around the world, but they take it to the next level. It is a great campaign to get people more interested in flying with them or maybe even taking a career with Swiss. 

The website is extremely intuitive and flows very well with the scrolls. You don't have to click on something and wait for it to load, it will fly past the things you don't want to see as if you are flying, it feels really smooth going through it.

Having red as their color makes the contrast great against the grey sky, it is easy to read what they have written and everything stands out where it needs to. Overall I think this is a great example of a web design that will keep people interested. I know I was stuck on it for 30 minutes just playing around with everything. I was actually surprised too how well it worked on mobile.


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Design Evaluation

This is a great example of packaging to me. They are simple yet it gives off a lot of energy with the lines in the colors. Almost an explosion which I am guessing they are trying to portray what it is like to have some of this coffee. Even with all the texture it still looks very smooth and creates a design and lots of shapes that is different to almost everyone that looks at it. The lines are almost leading to the bottom right where the type of coffee there is. There is similarity between the three packages, the main difference between them is the colors.  If you see all three of them you can easily tell that each package is different but they belong to the same company. This is a coffee that would stand out to me at the grocery store rather than a great value brand. I'm sure they taste the same but the packaging can make it stand out easier.

This is Onyx coffee. I think this is a bad example of packaging. There is not much continuity on any of this besides the color of the font. You have a lot of different sizes all over the package. It does have some symmetry on some sides of the package but every side is completely different and has no relationship to each other. There are a loot of different shapes and you can get some texture out of it that is nice. The contrast is great which makes reading the package easy, but overall I think it is a very busy design.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Contrast, Harmony, and Balance

This is an awesome picture I found online where a photographer left his exposure on for over 350 seconds to capture all of these lightning strikes. There is a lot of Gestalt principles in this photograph that make you think if he was thinking of all of these at the same time when he took the picture.

The first one I will talk about is similarity, I would partner up all of those lightning strikes coming from the sky, you can see the similarity in the color and texture of the lightning because it is not like anything else in the picture.

There is some closure in this picture with the horizontal line of the water to the sky, you can see that it breaks up a little bit where the railing and the two lighthouses are but you just think of it as going straight across when you see it for the first time.

The contrast on this is beautiful, without the lightning this is be the black of night with only the lighthouses being seen. But with this exposure you are able to see the white lightning light up the sky and even in the clouds you can see some of them lighting up ready so spit down some more lightning.

Even though there is a lot going on it feels peaceful just looking at this picture.